Why is training important to get the HGV licence?

Training is the most important aspect to drive such large and rigid vehicles like HGVs. Now, people often question whether everything is sorted when they know how to drive. What is the need to get trained? The best answer to this question is, Training plays a vital role in the development of the skillset of driving, most importantly to get the HGV licence that is for legal driving you need to undergo training because training gives you the appropriate idea of what all is going to happen in HGV driving test. This is the test that must be cleared as per the requirements to get the HGV licence. 

Now Training not only improves the skillset but also you get to know about various practical theoretical concepts about driving. These are the aspects that should be known to every individual before driving such large vehicles as HGVs. Now when talking about HGV licence various types of categories are included in the HGV licence. These categories are based on the types of vehicles you have chosen to drive, the amount of load you are carrying in the vehicle, etc. Now the various types of HGV licences are as follows:

  • Category C Licence
  • HGV Category C+E Licence 
  • C1 Licence
  • C1+E Licence
  • Minibus Licence (Category D1)
  • D1+E Category

HGV C+E Training Process

Training is a clear and authorized process. It includes various aspects, these are various aspects of HGV training majorly termed as: Before you start with HGV training you need to go for the medical exam just to clarify that things are going in the right place or not.

HGV C+E training (Theory): HGV C+E training (theory-based) usually includes basic theoretical training about various driving aspects. These help you in getting the appropriate knowledge about various rules and regulations related to driving. You come to know about the rules like traffic laws, other important aspects related to driving, hazard perception concepts, and other general theory-based training related to HGV driving.

HGV practical Training: HGV Practical training includes various aspects that help you in getting the appropriate knowledge about driving and the various other skill sets related to driving. You will come to know about the variety of things related to driving that should be done and should not be done while driving such heavy vehicles like HGVs(Heavy Goods Vehicles).

Benefits of HGV Training

  • HGV driving training helps you appropriately drive the vehicles. 
  • HGV training can help you positively manage more complex situations. For example, heavy traffic, bad weather conditions, or maybe the other drivers driving irresponsibly.
  • Driver training can also help you acknowledge the inappropriate things going on.
  • HGV driving training helps you know the traffic rules and other regulations properly.
  • HGV driver training helps you know the proper parking schemas.
  • Training tells you about changing the lanes and also about the needful turns.
  • Assists in Navigating Intersections
  • You come to know the accurate responsibilities of being an HGV driver
  • You can know about Pedestrian rights and all other aspects that are related to HGV driving.

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