Why is the use of wooden box packaging more and more widespread?

Wooden box packaging, as the name implies, refers to packaging products with wood as raw materials. Wooden boxes, as one of the oldest packaging containers, are also widely used in modern society. Their consumption is second only to paper packaging containers, so they occupy a very important position in the packaging industry. It is inseparable from the transportation and outer packaging of products in various industries, such as machinery and electronics, ceramic building materials, hardware appliances, precision instruments, vulnerable goods and oversized items.

Why choose wooden box packaging?

First of all, the efficiency and safety of transportation using wooden packaging boxes is much higher than that of manual transportation. Its development and application also prove the improvement of our people’s living standards and the enhancement of comprehensive national strength. Wooden crates are wooden crates used for packaging, mainly made of pine, solid wood, poplar, and miscellaneous wood. Fast combination, time-saving and labor-saving, exquisite craftsmanship, good sealing performance, and can save a lot of wood resources, it is recognized as a new environmentally friendly packaging product promoted.

Secondly, the wooden box packaging is easy to obtain and has a variety of types, suitable for packaging of different products, and can be used for domestic sales and export. At present, the commonly used boards in the market are mainly wood board, laminated lumber (finger-jointed board), and a small amount of melamine board, veneer (molded board), density board, particle board, veneer and plywood. Compared with steel and iron materials, In other words, these materials are not only light in weight, high in strength, but also durable, moisture-proof and mildew-proof.

Wooden box packaging can be selected according to the specific characteristics of its products. There are sliding wooden boxes suitable for packaging and transportation of large machinery, electromechanical products or heavy equipment and production lines, and hoarding boxes suitable for packaging irregular products such as fasteners, metal balls, stamping parts, etc., which can be recycled repeatedly. There are steel-edged wooden packaging boxes suitable for domestic or export packaging of various goods and products, and so on.

In addition, the use of wooden box packaging is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also very beautiful and atmospheric. Its use not only brings convenience to our lives, but also promotes the development of China’s transportation industry, which has a good development prospect.


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