Why is it important to insure your pet ?

Our dog or cat also have their hole. And it is that pets are no longer just our companion animals. Now they are part of the family and they are treated as such, giving them more and more care and making them feel as good as possible in their lives with us. They have acquired so much importance that the Congress of Deputies approved a law by which they go from being considered “things” to living beings so that they are also subjects of law.

This is essential to decide who gets custody of an animal when a couple separates and it serves to ensure that pets have greater security and cannot be traded or mistreated with impunity. This means that animals are increasingly entering the human sphere and, if we have accident insurance in case something happens to us, why not them?

In the current context, insuring our pet will not only be beneficial for her but also us. Let’s see why:

Safe pet, happy pet

Nowadays, many Spanish homes have one more member of the family, the most common being dogs and, later, cats. Therefore, we are talking about a large number of animals whose existence must be regulated and, above all, protected. Currently, it is not mandatory to take out insurance for pets in Spain, although in the Community of Madrid it is mandatory to have a civil liability insurance policy for any dog.

This basic policy covers the damages that may be caused to third parties, but not to the families that live with the animal. This policy is covered by many home insurances, as long as they are not exotic or potentially dangerous breeds. 

Although there are insurances designed specifically for pets that are increasingly being marketed. These usually cover the cost of slaughtering the animal if necessary and treating its carcass afterward. However, in the case of the visits you need to the vet, many do not include certain medications if they have to take them regularly or the appearance of exotic or chronic diseases.

What almost everyone usually covers is travel protection within the European Union, something that many travel insurances and even home insurance already do.

Insurance for the pet and you

With these premises, animals must have insurance adapted to them, since many ends up contracting diseases that are very expensive to treat, so that their care can be covered with insurance pets are prone to accidents when they go outside, such as falling and breaking a leg. Therefore, having these vicissitudes covered will mean great savings.

In addition, in the current context, as we have seen, animals are no longer such a thing, they are increasingly treated as people and require the same care and services. Therefore, if you love your pet, do not hesitate to take out insurance for it. You will both live more peacefully.

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