What is Stretch Film and Their Types?

One of the most popular methods for assembling goods for transportation is stretch wrapping. To the untrained eye, a pallet may appear to be well-wrapped, but that does not necessarily mean it is wrapped effectively, efficiently, or most importantly… SAFELY.

Problems can occur during delivery if the right stretch wrapping is not used. Depending on how serious the issue is, your company could suffer a tarnished reputation as well as significant safety lapses.

We’ll go through the different kinds of stretch film in more detail below so you can pick which is ideal for your specific uses and requirements.

What Is Stretch Film?

Stretch wrap, also known as stretch film, is a kind of plastic wrap that is used to wrap a variety of products, including pallets of boxes, for shipping and transportation. The items are held in place and their tight binding is guaranteed by the film’s elastic rebound or stretch ability.

Stretch wrap is used by millions of businesses worldwide and sticks firmly to itself. It is frequently used for unitizing different items. However, it can also be used to package collections of tiny items.

Types Of Stretch Film

Stretch film comes in many different varieties. A list of each kind is provided below. We shall examine each film’s capabilities, typical applications, and distinctive dynamic properties below the list. Because there is a lot of material to process, you should take notes. 

  • Machine Stretch
    • Cast Stretch
    • Blown Stretch
    • Pre-Stretch
    • Hay Baling Stretch
  • Hand Stretch
  • Color Stretch
  • UVI Stretch
  • VCI Stretch
  • Vented Stretch
  • Reinforced Stretch
  • No Cling Stretch

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