What is Composite Strap and Woven Lashing?

Composite strapping, the most recent advancement in strapping technology, is sometimes known as “synthetic steel.” The Composite Strap is made up of vertically oriented strands of polyester fibres covered with clear polypropylene. Composite strapping is offered in a range of widths and tensile strengths. Its abrasion resistance is increased by the polypropylene covering, which also permits a little amount of elongation during transport. The Composite Strap is significantly stiffer than the Poly-woven Strap because of its Polypropylene Coating.

The rigidity of the Composite Strap and Galvanized Wire Buckle makes it simple to feed below pallets.

Polyester yarns with a high tension are used to weave lashing belts. Its material has limited elongation (below 10%), which makes it exceptionally tear-proof and moisture-resistant. Woven strapping belts are adaptable, do not splice, and are used everywhere. One-way cargo securing strapping with a high tensile strength is woven lashing. It is ideal for locking down large machines in flat-rack cargo and shipping containers.

All Wire Buckles are resistant to rust, salinity, and other environmental hazards. Wire Buckles are created to be simple to thread and to provide the best high-load performance. While our Composite Strapping works well with galvanized wire buckles, our Phosphate Wire Buckle works best with polyester woven strapping.

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