What Is A Hair Transplant, And How Does It Work?

Are you faced with a hair loss condition? You must be struggling to find an effective method to regrow your hair. Since there are many hair restoration procedures, you need the best effective treatment that guarantees you desirable results. The best hair loss treatment option is one that produces real hair growth that grows naturally, without harming the scalp. The only hair restoration option that offers natural-looking hair without any risks is Beverly Hills hair transplant procedure. To learn more about the hair transplant procedure and how it’s done, keep reading this post. 

What is Hair Transplant Technology 

A hair transplant procedure is a simple technique that works effectively to regrow hair that is lost due to hair loss. Hair loss happens when hair follicles cease to produce hair strands. Weak or dormant hair follicles need replacement. When performing hair transplantation, the doctor looks at areas of the scalp that grow healthy hair follicles and harvests them. This area is usually known as the donor area, which is often the back of the head or scalp. 

Before the doctor begins a Beverly Hills hair transplant procedure, he needs to examine the patient’s scalp and overall health, to know whether the patient is eligible for the treatment. The type of hair loss procedure used is often determined by the cause of the hair loss. 

How is a Hair Transplant Procedure Done? 

Being a reputable treatment that offers the most effective results, Beverly Hills hair transplant requires the services of a qualified hair specialist. The doctor may decide to use one of the two hair transplant techniques available in the market.

The two types of hair transplant techniques included

1. FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction 

FUE is a hair transplant technique that offers the best results because it allows the doctor to craft the treatment in a way that will produce desirable results. What makes this possible is the micro-punch device that allows the doctor to remove individual hair follicles and place them in strategic areas. The doctor will harvest follicular units after applying topical anesthesia in the donor as the recipient areas of the scalp. The numbing agent is meant to minimize pain and discomfort. 

2. FUT – Follicular Unit Transplantation 

The doctor using the FUT hair transplant procedure to restore lost hair will start the procedure by applying a numbing agent. The numbing agent reduces the pain that comes from cutting out the strip of skin containing healthy hair follicles. The removed skin strip will provide enough hair follicles to cover the recipient zone. After the procedure, a linear scar will remain in the donor area. However, once hair starts growing, it will cover the scar. 


With many hair loss treatments available, only beverly hills hair transplant procedure offers permanence and a natural look. This treatment works by removing hair from hair loss-resistant areas of the scalp and placing them in areas affected by hair loss. The doctor may use strip surgery or follicular unit extraction. Either way, Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic offers the best hair loss treatments. 


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