What are the raw materials used for making PET straps?

PET packing strap is a type of polyester strapping created by unidirectional stretching PET as the raw material. Instead of using a steel strap, this strapping is ideal. It has been extensively employed in a variety of sectors, including textiles, wood, steel, Aluminium ingots, and brick kilns.

Due to the immature production technique during the beginning of the industry’s development, about 2002, polyester chips were mostly employed to create plastic steel belts. Polyester chips primarily refer to the flake particles of about 4*5*2 mm that are produced from the polyester raw ingredients after polymerization, typically for use in automatic strapping machines.

Even if the quality is excellent, the price is still somewhat costly. The following graphic illustrates how the industry can gradually use recycled carbonated beverage bottle flakes for production as a result of advancements in automatic temperature control, plastic strap production technology, and other technologies. Additionally, this strategy adheres to the development principle that “green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains” and to the strategy of sustainable development.

A considerable number of discarded plastic-steel straps have resulted from the 500% annual growth rate in plastic-steel strapping since 2002, which has boosted demand for collecting and crushing straps. Crushed packing belts have already been used as a raw material by plastic steel belt makers with higher technology. Since there is an issue with low viscosity because the connection force between plastic molecules is destroyed and reorganized frequently, various pacifiers are employed to boost the viscosity.

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