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Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake.” She told Christian Post that when she was in high school,
she prayed that God would give her a “backbone” to stand up for those who were being bullied. As a result, she testified,
“If you ask God for that courage, he will give it to you. He will give you boldness;
he will give you courage.”
She encouraged young Christians to ask for courage as well: “Just know you’re not the only one doing it.
It will feel like, in the moment, that you’re the only one making a stand. But you’re not the only one making a stand.
There are others around you. And we’ve got your back.”
Lauren Daigle is right: it can feel lonely to stand for biblical morality in our radically secular culture.
My wife and I returned recently from a trip to Vermont, where we found beautiful nature and many gracious people.
But we were surprised by the irreligious nature of the culture. For example, I went into seven bookstores during our trip;
not one had a Bible for sale.
hen, when Paul’s enemies in Damascus sought to kill him, “his disciples took him by night and let him down through an
opening in the wall, lowering him in a basket” (v. 25). We have these unnamed disciples to thank for the rest of Paul’s
ministry, from his missionary journeys to letters that comprise one-third of the New Testament’s twenty-seven books.
Still later, Barnabas championed Paul before skeptical Christians in Jerusalem (v. 27) and partnered with him in his first
two missionary journeys. An unnamed “tribune of the cohort” the persecuted early Christians prayed that God would “grant
to your servants to continue to speak your word with all boldness” (v. 29). With this result: “When they had prayed, the
place in which they were gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak
the word of God with boldness” (v. 31, my emphasis).
If we will ask God for the courage to stand for biblical truth and serve with biblical compassion, he will answer our prayer.
Then, whether the world knows our name or not, God will use us for his eternal purposes.

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