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Powder coating can be defined as the electrostatic application of powder on metals. This powder is cured by baking or heating, which results in a hard layer over the applied surface. The powder coating process includes a pretreatment, application of the powder, and a high-temperature curing process. During this last stage, the powder flows and dries over the metal surface to provide a smooth finish. 

Available in a wide range of colors and textures, this finish is sturdy and can protect your metals against chemicals, wear and tear, and chipping. It’s much stronger than wet paint and provides a quality finish that lasts for years. 

Powder coating is versatile too. You can almost find any color in powder for your coating needs. However, not all services are the same. 

Rusty Lions offers its powder coating NJ services with superior quality finish and outstanding durability. At almost the same cost as wet paint, our powder coating jobs help to enhance the life of metal and other products. Whether you need powder coating services for architectural elements like light poles and railings or need powder coating for commercial application on Machine parts and outdoor furniture, trust us to deliver professional and reliable services. 

What We Offer?

Commercial Powder Coating

Powder coating has many benefits, especially cost-effectiveness.

Architectural Powder Coating

Rusty Lions provide architectural powder coating services in New Jersey. 

Automotive Powder Coating

Due to its incredible durability, our powder coating services stay in demand in the automotive sector

Residential Powder Coating

We offer cost-effective, durable, and environment-friendly coating solutions.   

Contact us at 347-613-8103 or mail us at top schedule any metal refinishing or resurfacing project in New Jersey. 


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