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Gov. Larry Hogan tested positive for COVID-19. He announced the positive test result Monday morning.

Hogan, who is vaccinated against COVID-19 and had a booster shot, said he was “feeling fine at the moment.”

He tested positive for COVID-19 Monday morning using a rapid test, which he said was part of his regular testing routine as governor. He is still awaiting the results of the PCR test, which takes longer and is considered more accurate.

After announcing his positive rapid test result, Hogan went on to encourage people to get their coronavirus vaccines.

“As the Omicron variant becomes dominant, I want to urge you to get vaccinated or get your booster shot as soon as possible,” Hogan said. He shared this link to locate a vaccination

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The omicron variant was first confirmed in Maryland on Dec. 3.

“We’re pretty concerned about this omicron variant in that even though it seems to be less virulent and less dangerous, it’s like four times more contagious,” Hogan said on FOX News Sunday morning. “In the next couple of days, omicron is going to be dominant variant in our state.”

Hogan’s television interview on Sunday came days after the state surpassed 1,200 hospitalizations related to COVID-19, and the Maryland Department of Health put new orders into effect for hospitals. Hospitals are urged to postpone surgeries that would result in an overnight stay and/or use of a ventilator; to convert idle spaces for clinical care; and to use regional and alternate care sites to free up bed space.

“We are anticipating over the next three to five weeks probably the worst surge we’ve seen in our hospitals throughout the entire crisis, but we don’t expect it to last for long,” Hogan said, noting officials hoped the spike would taper off “fairly quickly.”

Said Hogan: “But we’re facing a pretty rough time.

There are 1,345 coronavirus-related hospitalizations, the Maryland Department of Health reported Monday.

At 1,500 coronavirus patients in Maryland hospitals, the state health department will order hospitals to implement their pandemic plans.

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