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When David Perdue launched his website announcing his run for Georgia governor on Sunday, his campaign may have had to negotiate a slight hiccup.

The web address was already taken, and worse, redirects clicks to the official online site for U.S. Sen. Jon Ossoff, the Democrat who unseated Perdue in a January runoff.

Two other web domains with Perdue’s name were also already occupied. While one,, went nowhere, the address linked to a Jan. 5, 2021, tweet from nonpartisan Cook Political Report editor David Wasserman signaling Perdue’s loss to Ossoff.

“I’ve seen enough. John Ossoff (D) defeats Sen. David Perdue in GA’s runoff,” Wasserman tweeted. “Democrats win control of the Senate.”

It was not Ossoff’s camp behind the scheme, however, but former Democratic Party of Georgia Press Secretary Matt Blakely, who said he bought the domains in November to troll Perdue.

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“I redirected the URL to serve as a reminder that David Perdue and the GA GOP were losers in 2020 and will be losers again in 2022,” Blakely told Patch in an email.

Neither Perdue’s campaign nor the Georgia Republican Party responded to requests for comment from Patch.

While Blakely served Democrats through the November 2020 presidential campaign and the subsequent January runoff, his official capacity working with the party ended when Ossoff and Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) were elected.

Now, Blakely is just a private citizen offering critiques of a blind spot in the new gubernatorial candidate’s campaign announcement.

“David Perdue’s rollout was nothing short of disastrous,” Blakely said. “Instead of focusing on basics such as his campaign’s URL, he was busy filming tired direct-to-camera videos pushing election conspiracy theories in a craven act to earn Donald Trump’s support.”

Perdue did earn a nod from the former president at the outset of his campaign to oust Gov. Brian Kemp.

And Blakely said he has yet to hear from Perdue’s camp.

“To my knowledge, nobody has tried to contact me about purchasing that URL or the two other domains I own,” he said.

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