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With the great rise in the sophistication of networks, the business are tilting to the Session Initiation Protocol a.k.a SIP telephony. The telecom companies are now acquiring change by moving the customers from Public Switches Telephone Network (PSTN) to SIP trunks and IP systems.

SIP Trunking is a service for PBX systems with great coverage capacity throughout Canada. Want your business to flourish? IXICA provides you cost-effective service for communication. IXCA is the Canadian service provider.

As per the estimates the demand for SIP Trunk Providers is soaring. The communication provided by SIP is associated with the Internet Service Provider.

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Scattered across the USA and Canada, the service has created rapport with a myriad of businesses from IXICA. Used as an enterprise grade SIP Trunking, tested with PBX brands, many businesses trust and rely on the IXICA services. It provides communication access to many rate centers across the USA and Canada.

  • We provide conducive service

The IXICA is a well-known SIP provider. The company has competitive edge across the SIP Providers in Canada.

  • Better services

IXICA, as it promises, provides great communication services of SIP and VOIP for its customers. This will help businesses to have connectivity across the world.

  • Great Flexibility

Flexibility is the epitome of all the communication providers. Talking in terms of SIP Provider, it usually has great SIP Trunks to deal with mushrooming calls. That is to say, no delay due to the large number of calls.

  • Correction in estimates

One can easily opt correct estimates of channels and calls from the SIP Trunk Provider. 

Movement without spending a single

  • penny

When one firm relocates somewhere else, it will not need to spend a single anything for the call service in a new office or place.

  • Productive and Efficient

It eliminates all the pitfalls that hinders the proper functioning of SIP Trunking Network.

  • Cost-effective

Famous as always for the lower costs, we provide you quality service at minimum rates. We render the best VOIP Phone Service in Canada.

Our network configuration is trustworthy provides conducive services to our clients across the geographical territory in order to make your business to head towards ideal world”

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