Rockford speakers Dubai-CARPLANET

Rockford Fosgate spearheaded the automotive audio revolution by providing technological advancements in audio engineering, design and innovation. They have succeeded in bringing the experience of passion through sound to drivers, motorcyclists, boaters and off-road drivers in a way the world has never felt before. Rockford speakers that are well known for their sound quality and subwoofers that have high bass. Their technological advances are the main factor that differentiates them from any other brand. For example, the wraparound vertical connection (VAST) technique is capable of increasing the effective radiant cone area by up to 25% without complicated installation problems. Rockford Fosgate Punch and Power loudspeaker series, Rockford T1, T0, P3 and P2 subwoofer series – it’s all backed by this VAST technology. Their products are designed by fans for fans. This means that all the new technological developments in the motorcycle product family are, in fact, developed by the same people who use them in their daily lives. Rockford also manufactures source units such as CD players and AM / FM radios, sound amplifiers; signal processors and speakers, including mid and full ranges, tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers. Their products are available worldwide and this has helped them set the standard for excellence in the audio industry. Rockford Fosgate is not just about technology or innovation, but about creating sound-enhanced human experiences. They use a flexible mounting system that will make them more convenient for installation. Rockford Fosgates Prime Series provides a line of component coaxial speakers and subwoofers. Even the Punch series offered by the company includes coaxial and component speakers, plus they work with subwoofers. The sleek, modern design in the audio equipment they manufacture helps make a sleek or at least clean and minimalist statement in any vehicle. In fact, one can trust and expect the absolute top quality within the price range.

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