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***Spoiler Alert: No Time to Die (2021)***

*No Time to Die may be one of the films that has been delayed for a long time due to the pandemic. Luckily, on September 30, 2021, Daniel Craig’s fifth and final film as James Bond was finally officially released in theaters in a number of countries, including Indonesia. This film also continues the conflict in the previous film, Specter (2015).
Synopsis No Time to Die tells the story of James Bond who is undergoing retirement after successfully imprisoning Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Christoph Waltz) as the leader of the SPECTRE organization. However, suddenly a new problem arises where there is a biological weapon that threatens mankind and is related to SPECTRE. This then makes Bond finally once again act to stop it.
Well, before you watch the movie No Time to Die in theaters, first check out the KINCIR review below!

#James Bond’s Past Disrupted Retirement
As discussed in the opening section, James Bond is enjoying his retirement after successfully defeating Blofeld as the leader of SPECTRE in the previous film. However, Bond is not alone, because he is accompanied by Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) who is now officially his life partner. Unfortunately, the peaceful life of the two is disrupted when they are attacked by a mysterious group of people.

Bond also suspects that the party who attacked them is someone from Swann’s past who has never been revealed to him. This finally makes Bond choose to separate himself from Swann by leaving the girl at a train station.
Five years after the events involving Swann, a retired Bond is visited by a CIA agent and friend who wants to recruit him for a mission. The task is to save a scientist from a biological weapons program belonging to MI6 named “Heracles”. The scientist was kidnapped by a mysterious group who also took the MI6-made biological weapon.

However, the scientist’s rescue mission turned out to be something that Bond did not expect. You see, the mysterious group involved in the kidnapping turned out to be related to the SPECTRE organization and also Madeleine Swann’s past. Bond was finally forced to quit his retirement to solve problems that stem from his past as well as Swann.


#The relationship between James Bond and Madeleine Swann is the main attraction of the film
In a number of James Bond films, we are almost always shown with the figure of a Bond Girl, the name for a female character who becomes a love interest or at least has an important role in the mission of James Bond. Despite his close relationship with the Bond Girls, James Bond has arguably never had a very attached or committed relationship with them.

However, this does not apply to the figure of Madeleine Swann, who has become a Bond Girl in two films, namely Specter and No Time to Die. You see, after his action in Specter, Swann still has a love affair with James Bond. In fact, their relationship is at such a serious level that Bond is willing to retire as an MI6 agent just to live a quiet life with Swann.

Well, the relationship between the two became the main attraction in the film No Time to Die. You see, this may be the first time Bond has been seen in a committed relationship with a girl throughout his appearance on the big screen. Moreover, the past of the two made their relationship have big consequences which later became the main conflict in this film.


#The presence of a “polite” and threatening villain
Through No Time to Die, we will be presented with the appearance of Rami Malek as the main villain, namely Lyutsifer Safin. This character is a figure from Madeleine Swann’s past who comes back to take advantage of the girl for an evil purpose. The goal is to kill millions of people on Earth using a biological weapon.

Rami Malek can also be said to have succeeded in playing the figure of Lyutsifer Safin in this film and made him one of the memorable villains in the James Bond franchise. You see, Safin is described as a “polite” villain, in the sense that he always speaks soft words and never acts emotionally like villains in general.

Even so, his presence always gave off a very threatening feel, even when he sat still. In addition, Safin’s goal of killing millions of people is not due to political factors or anything like that, but simply to “clean up” the world.


#The Badass Appearance of Lashana Lynch and Ana de Armas
In the film No Time to Die, we are introduced to two new female characters, namely Nomi and Paloma, played by Lashana Lynch and Ana de Armas, respectively. Both are also described as badass girls who are involved in a number of fight scenes. This is because both are agents of an intelligence agency.

The figure of Nomi, played by Lynch, is described as a member of MI6 who joins the 00 agent program which then uses the code 007 after James Bond retires. His skills as the new 007 are no less stunning than James Bond, so they are an important asset to carry out the mission in this film. Not only that, Nomi’s personality is also as elegant as Bond’s, so she deserves to be the successor.

Then, Ana de Armas’ appearance as a CIA agent named Paloma who helps Bond in this film also successfully becomes a scene stealer because of his badass attitude, but innocent and adorable. Unfortunately, the portion of Armas as Paloma in this film is very small because it only appears in one mission. So, those of you who intend to watch No Time to Die just to see Ana de Armas will likely be very disappointed.


#The Longest James Bond Film with Non-stop Action
No Time to Die has a total duration of 163 minutes or 2 hours 43 minutes. This also makes No Time to Die a film with the longest duration than all previous James Bond films. However, according to KINCIR, the duration is too long because actually there are some scenes that are not too important and actually make the story more complicated to understand.

However, there is also an advantage to its extremely long duration. Because, we are presented with more action scenes from James Bond in this film. Those of you who like the action genre are guaranteed to be very satisfied with a number of shooting moments in this film. Moreover, the action scenes are actually presented non-stop from the beginning to the end of the film.

#The Epic and Heartwarming Final Performance of Daniel Craig
Casino Royale (2006). After playing the character for more than a decade, Craig will finally end his journey as James Bond through the film No Time to Die.

Without divulging the plot, it must be admitted that Craig’s James Bond ending ended in a very epic way. Not only that, there are also touching moments with a family feel before we finally part with Craig’s version of James Bond. If you could say, Craig really ended his journey perfectly while leaving a great legacy for this franchise.


In general, No Time to Die is the perfect ending and full of action for Daniel Craig’s journey as James Bond. If you’ve been following Craig’s journey as the 007 agent since the beginning, then this film is absolutely mandatory for you to watch when it releases in theaters starting September 30, 2021. However, of course, while still adhering to the existing health protocols, yes!

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