Remote Data Backup – Is it Worth Your Money?

We all know the importance of data and the risk of data loss in the digital world. We also understand the importance of data backup. But, is it really worth to pay someone hundreds of dollars to have your data backed up regularly? And then end up paying them in thousands for recovering the data, when data loss strikes? Let’s go ahead to analyze the pros and cons of offsite data backup services before we draw a conclusion.

Advantages of Remote Services Information Security Consulting Suffolk

Ok, let’s face the fact! Today, there are so many companies doing excellent business in the field of offsite data services. Which means that there are so many other companies who pay them hundreds of dollars to do the job! If it is just a waste of money, why would the companies be spending their buck on backup services? Let’s give the service providers their fair share of credit and discuss the benefits of opting for remote services.

1. You do not have to be bothered about data backup. You can concentrate in your business without going through the pain of data backup or living with the fear of data loss.

2. Since, the data is stored at different site locations; your data would remain safe even in cases of natural calamities or site failure.

3. You can have an access to the backed up data online. So, in case of data loss, you can just open your web browser and access your data whenever you want.

4. The backup is carried out by running automated program. So, you can set the automated program to run after-office hours, so that it does not hinder with your work, in any way.

Disadvantages of Remote Services

Let’s now see the downside.

1. The service providers do your work of data backup. It might sound pleasant but it comes with a heavy price tag.

2. If the offsite data backup happens through internet, there is always a risk involved. Your data could be hacked and misused.

3. In case of offsite service via internet, you might have to pay your ISP for data transfer. This would only increase your overall expenses.

4. If the data backup company closes down, you would not have access to your backed up data.

The Verdict

It’s quite simple! If money is no problem and you have a lot of work on your hand without having to be bear the extra burden of data backup, then data back services would be the way to go. On the other hand, if you are just a start up company and wouldn’t mind putting a few minutes of extra work every day to save a few hundred bucks, then it is better to stay away from these backup services. Instead, just remember to put in a disk and copy your data by the end of the day. And more importantly, make multiple copies and store it at various offsite locations. This simple task done everyday could save you a lot of money.

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