Pros and Cons of each type of PCD Pharma Franchises

There are several significant differences between the various pharma franchises in the pharma sector in addition to the fundamental variations in the types of medications that are involved. A certain amount of marketing and promotion will be included in almost any pharma franchise, but the amount of branding and advertising that goes into your firm will vary depending on the sort of franchise you choose.

Exclusive Brands

Exclusive brands are those that belong to a single owner alone. You will be exclusively responsible for all marketing, branding, and advertising associated with the brand because there is only one owner who has control over it.

For as long as you control the franchise, you will receive a larger share of the revenues in exchange for charging more for your goods. Because you need a distinctive brand that is not already being used by another pharmacy, these franchises have a higher entry hurdle.

Generic Medicine

When dealing with generic medications, you are dealing with a product that has been tested and confirmed to work. Because you will be selling a well-known product that has a track record of success. It is your responsibility to promote and sell that product as successfully as you can.

Selling over-the-counter medications has the benefit of occasionally having less restrictions than selling prescription medications. Because there are less restrictions, you can frequently start selling the drugs and opening your business earlier than if you were dealing with prescription medications. This kind of franchising frequently entails stocking, storing, and selling commodities like antacids, allergy medication, headache and cough remedies, and other medications.

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