Overcome the Challenges in Sending Cargo to India with FTZs

Rising Logistics Cost, Port Congestion, Detention, Demurrage, and Delay in Clearance are the 5 common issues that you are or would be facing while sending cargo to India. You may come across various challenges such as social, political, and economic. As a result, the merchants have to go through a very slow process and experience a lot of stress, hassle, issues, and difficulties when they send cargo to India, in particular.


Many times, items are lost or damaged during shipping, handling, and the costs of shipping also tend to be very high. Furthermore, new exporters are not aware of several international laws governing the lands where their consignment is being shipped. The environmental conditions are also not favorable at all times.

While many merchants still struggle with all these and other challenges associated with shipping to India, the wise ones take the help of logistics companies that provide shipping support and FTZ (foreign trade zone) warehouse in India. Whether you are a domestic trader or a global one, taking the help of a professional logistics company can make things a lot easier for you. Logistics and FTZ warehousing solutions providers such as OSV will not only guide you about the entire process but will also relieve you from the stress and hassle.

You would be glad to know that India offers flexible and different conveniences to simplify various for global and domestic traders for simplifying import and export to and from India. If you want to send cargo to India or export your goods from here, you may expect many benefits.

However, to enjoy all those benefits you will need the help of a professional logistics company such as OSV. Hire their FTZ warehouse in India for storing and managing your imports and enjoy the many benefits including:

  • Cost, Tax, and Duty Saving
  • Duty deferment for 3 years
  • Easy import clearance
  • Ease in Regulatory Compliances
  • Just in Time Delivery
  • Secured Confidentiality
  • Consolidation and Distribution Hub
  • License Free Export
  • Merchant Trading
  • Warehousing without any dependence of importer
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