Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Body Goals in Latest Photoshoot

At the age of more than half a century, Jennifer Aniston has not lost her charm at all. This beautiful actress even still has many fans who are very fond of her figure.

Evidently, shortly after deciding to create an Instagram account, now the number of followers of Jennifer Aniston has reached more than 35.7 million. No wonder he continues to receive many offers, including being a model for the well-known collagen pill brand, Vital Proteins.

1. Become a Collagen Pill Model
This position is certainly very fitting for Jennifer Anniston, who is known as one of the artists who remains beautiful and youthful at the age of 51 years. Moreover, Jennifer has always lived a healthy lifestyle to have a cool body that is no less than other young stars.
Not only posing for endorsement photos on Instagram, apparently Jennifer also had a photo shoot for Vital Proteins. With a sporty theme, she shows the charm of her natural beauty in front of the camera.

2. Show off Body Goals
Starting from jogging poses to doing yoga movements, Jennifer successfully showed off her super cool body goals. Even at the age of more than half a century, Justin Theroux’s ex-wife still has sexy abs.

Olivia Munn And John Mulaney Expect Their First Child

Hollywood celebrity couple Olivia Munn and John Mulaney are trending number one on Twitter and a number of other platforms. How not, both of them suddenly rumored to have ended their love affair.

In fact, Olivia is known to be pregnant with her first child with John. That’s why, the issue of John and Olivia’s break up was quite a shock to the public.

The news started from one of the accounts on Twitter which claimed that Olivia and John’s relationship ended. The party claimed to know the news from fellow colleagues John.

“I recently heard from a fairly reliable source that this BC roster celebrity and her baby daddy. A comedian recently called it a break up,” the caption reads.

Despite breaking up in their short relationship, the source said John and Olivia did not fake their relationship. The two claim to be in love with each other. He also said that John and Olivia might not announce the news of their separation.
“Source is a friend who works in publicity, so do as you please, but she’s heard they’re not trying to fake the relationship for the public, but won’t go public either,” he continued.

As is known, Olivia and John confirmed they were dating in May 2021. In September 2021, John announced that Olivia was pregnant with their first child.

The news of Olivia’s pregnancy had become a hot topic of public discussion. The reason, the relationship between the two is considered too short to have a child.

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