How Much Should You Spend on SEO? Budget-Friendly SEO Strategies

The simple answer to the question “How much should you spend on SEO?” is that it is dependent on the industry you are operating in and your organization’s size. You can decide how much you want to spend. The only aspect you should keep track of is your ROI. Your spending should not impact the ROI. It doesn’t make sense if it does. It is, therefore, best that you consult with a reliable SEO company in Dubai to have a clear understanding of what your SEO budget should be. The SEO agency will help you work out your CLV (customer lifetime value) and your cost of customer acquisition via SEO to determine your ROI.

Every organization sets an overall marketing budget. It is typically in the range of 5 to 10 percent of its revenue depending on the industry. Further, a certain percentage of this is allocated for digital marketing. Moreover, a part of the digital marketing budget is earmarked for the generation of organic traffic or SEO. In this connection, it is also a good idea to find out from where other successful organizations in your industry are getting their website traffic. If your competitors are generating 50 percent of their traffic through organic search, then it makes sense to allocate 50 percent of your digital marketing budget to SEO.

Do you feel overwhelmed when you think of how much of your marketing budget you should set aside for SEO? Don’t worry. You can implement some of the budget-friendly SEO strategies listed below in consultation with the best SEO agency UAE if required.

Focus on Local SEO

For your online business to thrive, you must focus on local SEO. You can start with small steps. Think locally first, and when you gain experience, you can start acting globally. Think big, but start small and then work your way up. Local SEO is the best option to grow your business if you are operating on a limited budget. When offering a local service, you must focus your energy and resources on ranking higher in search results for local searches.

Start by registering your firm on Google My Business. You can do it easily in just a couple of clicks by providing your contact information – name, address, and phone number (NAP). This helps your company show up on Google Maps and SERPs. A few things you need to do for effective implementation of local SEO include:

  • Placing the name of the city and the neighbourhood where your business is located in the title tag
  • Ensuring that the NAP information is correct
  • Getting user reviews naturally
  • Writing local content, meaning optimizing your content for your local customers

Seek Content Creation Opportunities

Another budget-friendly SEO strategy you can consider is finding out the gaps in your competitors’ sites. Watch their social media activities and read their blogs and visitors’ comments to find out what their users’ needs are. You can also go through conversations in relevant forums and online publications to identify content gaps and users’ needs. Then create fresh new content to improve what is already there on your website. You can make use of the new content to acquire new customers. You may also post links that lead to your site when providing answers to users’ queries. Reaching out to those webmasters who created similar content helps start a debate. This could open up opportunities for getting links as you have strived to fulfill a need or fill in a gap. If you are not confident in creating high-quality content, you can work with a trustworthy SEO agency in UAE.

Find Out Guest Blogging Opportunities

If you are a savvy blogger, you can try your hand at guest blogging. It presents you with an opportunity to not only create awareness about your products and services but also showcase your expertise in the industry. Some aspects you need to keep in mind in this regard include:

  • Targeting blogs with a new set of audiences
  • Presenting yourself as a leader in the industry
  • Engaging in conversations with renowned bloggers in the industry

Furthermore, it is important that you keep your name clean, your content accurate, and your links nofollow. This is to avoid a spammy look and draw Google’s attention and get a red flag.

Optimize Your Content for Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

Yet another robust SEO strategy when working on a shoestring budget is incorporating long-tail keyword phrases into your content. You can do it on your own or with the help of the SEO company in UAE you are working with. However, it is important to do thorough keyword research and optimize your content for long-tail keywords. You can use tools such as Google Automation Suggestion, Google Keyword Planner, and Search Console, or other free/paid tools to identify the best options.

The benefits of using long-tail keyword phrases include:

  • Lower competition compared to short-tail keywords
  • More relevance and more targeted searches in certain situations
  • Increased conversions as they have the potential to bring qualitative traffic

Improve Page Load Speed

This strategy involves checking the current page load speed and taking action to improve the same. It is a known fact that a website’s loading speed influences the user experience. Longer load times negatively impact conversions. Furthermore, Google has already indicated that page load speed is used as one of the factors in its search ranking algorithm.

You can easily understand the improvements to be made by using the PageSpeed Insights tool. Some of the important factors you need to improve to increase the page load time are:

  • Optimize images
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify HTML and JavaScript
  • Avoid landing page redirects
  • Cut down on server response time
  • Enable compression;
  • Eliminate render-blocking CSS and JavaScript in above-the-fold content
  • Leverage browser caching

When it comes to optimizing your website for speed, it is highly recommended that you work with a renowned SEO agency in Dubai to derive the best results.

Final Thoughts

This is not an exhaustive list of things you can do to improve your website’s SEO. However, these are some of the key aspects that you must look into when working on a shoestring SEO budget. All said and done, there is no doubt that you must earmark a part of your marketing budget for SEO.

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