Get The Best Price RO Plant For Your Home In Pakistan

Reverse osmosis, or reverse osmosis water purification, is one of the most popular and promising methods of water purification. Reverse osmosis treatment is known for removing even the smallest impurities from water and turning high TDS (salty-tasting) water into sweet-tasting drinking water. There are many advantages to using a reverse osmosis water purifier, but lately there have been more and more questions about the water wasted in the purification process.

Many believe that reverse osmosis technology wastes more water than it takes to filter it: about three times more water is discharged or lost than is purified. This means that up to 2.5 cups of water are used for every cup of water used for purification.

“Water Logic Water Purifiers have always believed in minimizing water waste in our range of water purifiers. To further reduce waste, we have launched a new range of eco-friendly reverse osmosis water purifiers – Water Logic Eco Water Saver, Water Logic Max Water Saver and Water Logic Marvella Eco.

These reverse osmosis water purifiers are equipped with Eco Recovery™ technology, which provides efficient reverse osmosis purification and saves a significant amount of water compared to other reverse osmosis water purifiers on the market. While conventional reverse osmosis water purifiers have an RO ratio of around 25%, the Water Logic Eco range has an RO ratio of 60%, which means these water purifiers can save up to 80 cups of water* per day compared to conventional reverse osmosis units. This means you can save up to 29,200 cups of water per year!

“The Water Logic Eco series also includes a range of purification features. With advanced 7-step RO+UV+MF treatment, they provide 100% safe and clean drinking water. These reverse osmosis water purifiers also add essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium to the purified water. An advanced Dual Purity Lock alarm system is built-in to alert you in a timely manner if the GCC needs to be replaced. They can remove up to 2000 ppm TDS and effectively purify water from a variety of sources – well, cistern or tap.

“Water Logic always encourages its customers to use their waste water because it can be easily reused and not thrown away. You can use the water you throw away for washing floors, gardening, washing dishes, cleaning toilets, etc. So, you don’t have to worry about using too much water.

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