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Best Private Detective in Pakistan:

 Aazad detectives provide the best private detective in Pakistan within Pakistan and out of Pakistan. The spacious Georgian Old Rectory at Layer Breton was the Ellingham family home that offered young Margery with her first glimpse of the austere insularity characterizing classic private detective in Pakistan. The solitude of the large garden was a joy to the young guy. Still, it was the lure of nearby Mersey Island. The family regularly returned for holidays at West Mersey, which inspired some of her most vital landscapes investigated by a private detective in Pakistan.

Ancient Roman Causeway:

The ancient Roman causeway across the muddy River Clone estuary, and the tidal straits of the Backwater estuary looking out to sea to the south of the island, make it easy to imagine an inhospitable, treacherous terrain concealing smugglers and villains. Campion meets his old adversary from Black Dudley again in Mystery Mile, which is firmly immersed in the mists and marshes of Mersey (although Ellingham twists the topography by placing the island of ‘Mystery Mile’ in Suffolk, surrounded by the waters of the River Orwell).

Campion Challenges:

As Campion challenges a master criminal to reveal himself, the thrilling climax occurs amidst the ominous clucking’ of the salt marsh and the mud’ squelching and gurgling as the sea came nearer and nearer as observed by a private detective in Pakistan. When Margery and her husband pip moved to the imposing red brick D’Arcy House in the center of Toll shunt D’Arcy, it was still within easy reach of the coast. So it is fitting that her final novel, Cargo of Eagles, completed after Ellingham’s death by her husband, should be set in the defining marshes and mudflats of the Essex coast. With its silted-up harbor, ‘Salty’ is believed to be an old smuggling route into East London, and Campion has to brave local hostility and ghostly happenings on the trail of some valuable modern booty, a cargo of eagles.  Our Lawyer in Lahore is here for all kind of law suit.


As a child, Margery Ellingham holidayed in the more working-class resort of Claxton-on-Sea. Further north along the peninsula, Elizabeth George sets her incendiary murder mystery Deception on his Mind in the Essex seaside town of ‘Belford-le-Nez,’ an amalgam of middle-class Walton-on-the-Naze and upper-class refuge Frinton-on Sea investigated by a private detective in Pakistan. DS Barbara Havers, still bearing the scars of her previous case, spends a less than restful ‘holiday’ in Belford. There are plenty of Constables, and other valuable works of art and antiquity, in Jonathan Gash’s Lovejoy series, though sadly, most of them are forgeries. Soft-centered Lovejoy is a ‘divvy? Able to divine the authenticity of an antique by sense alone. He is also a scruffy, incorrigible rogue.

East Anglia’s antique shop:

He consorts with low life and aristocracy alike while wheedling his way into East Anglia’s antique shops, country homes, and auction houses, searching for priceless artifacts investigated by a private detective in Pakistan. Irresistible to women, Lovejoy’s inseparable addictions of sex C making smiles’) and antiques frequently lead him into sleuthing -e and into deep water. From his home in West Berthold, Gash is ideally placed to explore the antique strongholds along the Essex border, as well as the ancient arcades of England’s oldest recorded town and first Roman capital, Colchester.


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