Don’t just look at the incidence

Gerald Gaß in conversation with Liane von Billerbeck

The Federal Ministry of Health has presented which parameters should assess the corona risk situation in the future. Occupancy of the hospital should also be considered. (picture alliance / dpa / Bernd Wüstneck)

So far, only infection incidence values ​​have been used as a measure of applicable corona measurements. The impact remains high, underlines Gerald Gaß, president of the German Hospital Society. But other indicators should now be highlighted.

How many new Covid-19 infections per 100,000 inhabitants have there been in the past seven days? The answer to this question has been extremely important over the past few months. The incidence value decided, among other things, which corona measures come into effect.

The incidence is now well above 50 again, but almost 60 percent of Germans are fully vaccinated. The Federal Ministry of Health has now presented plans based on the parameters on which the corona risk situation should be assessed in the future – the incidence value alone should no longer be the basis for decision making . There should be a mixture of different indicators, in particular the occupation of the clinic, the incidence of hospitalizations, is highlighted.

Find out about the occupation of the clinic

It makes sense, says Gerald Gaß, president of the German Hospital Society. In addition to the incidence of infections and hospitalizations, the issue of occupancy of intensive care beds is also important. In the end, the crucial question is always, according to Gaß: are we still able to take on new patients?


The situation is currently dynamic. Unlike the first corona waves, 80% of those over 60 are vaccinated, explains Gaß. This changes the situation in hospitals, as younger patients often do not have such severe classes.

The situation is easy to control

“There’s no point in seeing how many people come to the hospital if I don’t know the capacity there is or is still at the end of it. Of course we know the number, and that’s what it will be roughly now, ”says Gass.

However, he cautions against a strong division by district. If beds are occupied regionally, patients would also be transferred to other hospitals, even beyond federal state borders. This was the case with the first waves.

The incidence of the infection has not had its day, emphasizes at the same time Gass. It remains important in the corona pandemic and constitutes the first early warning value. Overall, he confidently shows that “we will get the situation under control”.

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