Documents Required for Trade License Renewal in Dubai

Dubai makes for a fantastic investment possibility with its burgeoning economy, liberal trade regulations, tremendous vicinity, and inviting marketplace. As a result of this, thousands of foreign buyers with their enterprise thoughts spanning industries, budgets, and niches come to the city of gold to set up mainland business setup Dubai 

As you register to your commercial enterprise in Dubai, you ought to have a legitimate license to behavior exchange operations. This license needs to be renewed each year to ensure you may seamlessly sell your merchandise across the UAE and the sector without violating any norms.

The exchange license renewal in UAE is controlled through the department of monetary development (DED). Whilst DED license renewal is a complicated method, it ought to be done diligently with the assistance of an amazing session agency.


It’s miles imperative to keep in mind that as an established corporation in Dubai, your trade license allows you to verify the felony popularity of your enterprise. Consequently, the proper Dubai change license renewal process ensures which you aren’t charged with penalties, legal court cases, or maybe a ban to your commercial enterprise.


An excellent practice is to begin the renewal manner via expertise in the software information and the fee of DED license renewal prices some days before the expiration of your exchange license. This will help you stay on course together with your felony status and maintain your business with no obstacles. On this blog, you may get to know all the things important to renew your license!


What are the files Required for Dubai alternate License Renewal? 

For a hassle-unfastened submitting of your application, it would be exceptional to have all of the applicable files equipped before you apply for the trade license renewal in Dubai. Underneath is a listing of all of the required files and their details.


  1. Tenancy contract

A vital report to hold available for the DED license renewal in Dubai is a tenancy settlement. Your tenancy settlement must have the validity of a minimum of one month in Dubai. Moreover, it must also be shown by the Ejari. For that reason, you have to first take a look at your tenancy settlement earlier than applying for the renewal. If you fail to get this attested from the Ejari, your exchange license is probably rejected due to legal obligations.


  1. Antique trade License 

To use for an exchange license renewal in Dubai, you need to present your old license as a supporting record. It’s now not essential to provide the original report, that is why you must preserve its replica accessible. Intuitively, any failure in submitting a duplicate of your antique trade license will cause a rejection of your renewal.


  1. BR/1 form

A BR/1 form is an obligatory shape that needs to be crammed to perform the Dubai alternate license renewal application system. Since filling this form initiates your renewal process, you have to have the signatures of all commercial enterprise companions on it. Once you fill this form, please post it to the DED branch for approval.


  1. Copies of Passports of all commercial enterprise Shareholders

You have to publish the passport photocopy of each partner involved in your enterprise along with your application. This is obligatory to expose proof of the stakeholders worried in your enterprise. In case you are the simplest stakeholder for your commercial enterprise, you’ll be required to publish simplest your passport for DED license renewal.


What’s the process of trade License Renewal in Dubai?

Exchange license renewal in Dubai saves you from the chance of dealing with criminal movement or a ban on commercial enterprise within the UAE. That’s why you should carry out the method diligently. 


  1. Acquire and affirm Your documents

Step one is to accumulate the documents required for DED license renewal. Ensure you have got the applicable copies as well as the unique ones handy with you. Preserve a check on your tenancy settlement because if it doesn’t have at least a month’s validity closing, your license renewal will no longer be authorized.


  1. Report the application

The following step is to fill your BR/1 form and get it signed through all of the stakeholders involved. You should connect all of the relevant documents after which put up them to the department of economic development for alternate license renewal in Dubai. Upon your submission, the department will confirm your documents and attain out to you in some days.


  1. Reap Your payment Token

After your exchange license in Dubai is verified, you’ll receive a payment token from the department of financial development. You want to apply this token to pay the Dubai standard trading license rate. 


  1. Pay Your DED License Renewal prices

The last step is to pay your change license renewal fee to Dubai, to finish the renewal process. With this, you will have completed all the steps required for DED license renewal. As soon as the DED department verifies the price, you’ll get your change license renewed.

Dubai change License Renewal charges 2021


The alternate license renewal charge in Dubai is a fee levied via the authorities for the exchange license renewal of your pro companies in Dubai. It typically depends on the type of license you’re applying for, alongside your enterprise. However, for the usual license, the DED license renewal charge ranges from AED eight,000 to AED 15,000 plus carrier charge/LocalService agent fee.

Change License Renewal in Dubai for the loose region

If your business is located inside the free area, the process of unfastened region change license renewal is slightly different. You may contact your free quarter authority along with your modern trade license and a no-objection certification if relevant.


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