Do You Export Cosmetics to India? Maximize Profits with Ftzs

India is a favorite marketplace for countless industries and businesses across the globe. A wide range of products is exported to India from businesses in the hope of making a great fortune. If you own cosmetics business and are interested in cosmetics export to India or you want to import cosmetics to India from top international brands and sell here, I am sure you are eyeing the lavish revenues associated with this industry.

The Indian consumer market is massive and ever-expanding with demographic dividends. Cosmetics export to and from India can turn out to be a worthwhile proposition for businesses involved in the manufacturing, selling, branding, retailing, distribution, trading, and wholesaling of cosmetics. Thanks to the free trade zones (FTZs) in India that allow businesses and merchants to store products that are imported from other countries and are meant to be exported sometime later with duty, tax, and compliance benefits. Cosmetics export/import to India may not only save you a lot of money but also provides you scalability if you choose to store the goods in an FTZ.

Free Trade Zones of renowned companies such as OSV can be used by cosmetics exporters or importers for storing, repackaging, assembling, kitting, and carrying out other just-in-time activities. The biggest reason why you would need an FTZ to keep your goods instead of renting a place for storing goods is that you don’t have to pay the customs duties and several other taxes that are otherwise a part and parcel of moving goods to and from India. Moreover, as it is deemed to be a foreign entity in India, the least Indian compliances are done here.

Let us explain to you how these free trade zones operate for your business of cosmetics export from India or to India. The free trade zone warehouses are established in Special Economic Zone(SEZ) to help boost trade volumes, encourage global trade practices, and improve relationships between countries and extend the various cost and business benefits. The foreign multinational companies can use these FTZs for cosmetics export to India at the lowest cost and with no commitments.

So, who benefits from FTZs exactly?

  1. International Cosmetics Traders who want to keep seller’s and buyer’s information confidential.
  2. Bulk Importers of Cosmetics, Medicine, Medical Equipment, Polymers, Chemicals, Machinery, Spares, Fabrics, Lining, Fusible, Interlining, Hangers, White Goods, Electronics & Electric Products, Packaged Food Items, so on and so forth.
  3. Cosmetics Traders and Foreign Buyer Consolidators of Indian goods meant for export purposes.
  4. Foreign Cosmetics Company who want to target the Indian market but doesn’t have any entity in India and want to set up an international transit warehouse for Indian and Overseas markets.

The solutions provided by FTWZ are numerous and could be a fitment as per your case, revert to the pioneer FTWZ player in India just like OSV and they can let you know the full procedure of FTWZ and how it can be beneficial for a business like Cosmetics Exporters to India!

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