Difference between the export of plywood pallets and solid wood pallets

  1. Delivery time From the perspective of the delivery time period, the plywood pallet is relatively convenient. It can save the production and delivery time. Usually it can be done within 1-3 time, and it can be directly exported without any There is another fumigation procedure that is not limited by time. The valid period of fumigation on wooden pallets is only 21 days.
  2. Product quality Product quality has its own strengths. Plywood is made of poplar wood, which is tough and not easy to break, but its hardness and bending resistance are poor. The hardness of solid wood pallets is slightly better than plywood, but it is easy to break.
  3. Material selection From the selection and analysis of materials, plywood pallets are processed with fumigation-free composite materials, such as plywood, MDF, particleboard, etc.; wooden pallets are processed by solid wood such as pine, hard mixed wood, and poplar.
  4. Appearance Modeling The top panel (top plank) of the plywood pallet is mostly a whole piece, and there is a gap between the top plank of the solid wood pallet, and there is a gap of 3-6cm between each board.
  5. The purchase cost of plywood pallets is lower than that of fumigated wooden pallets, because each wooden pallet must be fumigated and disinfected, and the fumigation certificate must be processed, which increases the cost of fumigation, and the cost of plywood pallets is more advantageous.


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