Countly: A support for real-time product analytics and tracking

How can a business entity generate leads based on the insights obtained, and build a new product? This can be performed with the help of a Product Analytics tool.

Analyzing how customers interact with a product or service is called product analytics. Product teams can use it to monitor, visualize, and examine user engagement and behavior data. To enhance and optimize a product or service, teams use this data.

Installing product analytics is the first step in getting a quantitative insight into how people interact with your product. To gain an aggregated picture of how many customers use a feature and how frequently they use it, the idea is to fire an event for every action a user can do in your product. For instance, you might emit an event called “big-red-button” to keep track of how frequently a user presses a certain button. You can then use that information to determine which features are most essential to you and which ones require improvement.

This article is about Countly, a tool used for Product Analytics.


What is Countly?

Countly is a cutting-edge, open-source, real-time product analytics tool designed with capabilities for any team. It gathers information from mobile devices, desktop applications (running on Mac OS X and Windows), online applications, and webpages and visualizes it to study how users interact with the applications and how they behave. Countly is a product analytics platform for businesses that value the privacy of user data.


Working of Countly

Quickly after inserting the desktop, web, or mobile SDK, Countly begins to:

  1. i) Take user data collection
  2. ii) Obtain consumer insights

iii) assist with pushing alerts

  1. iv) Recognize the source of application crashes

When the website or your mobile application loads, all of the aforementioned takes place immediately. Unlike other platforms, Countly is entirely real-time, so you don’t have to wait for hours to view your initial statistics.


Features of Countly

  1. i) Real-time.
  2. ii) Plugin-based user interface with more than 70 plugins available.

iii) open-source applications

  1. iv) amazing UI with a clear aim.
  2. v) help and guidance within the app.
  3. vi) User groups and user management.

vii) Compliance with HIPAA and GDPR.

viii) Android, iOS, and iPhone mobile apps.

  1. ix) UI-based or command-line-based management.
  2. x) the capacity to create and distribute various, personalized dashboards.
  3. xi) Your analytics data will be analyzed by an on-screen assistant who will also keep you updated on new SDK releases and Countly news.

xii) being able to track online pages (with Countly web SDK).

alerts via email.

xiii) Customer experience can be understood through feedback tools like surveys, ratings, and NPS scores.

xiv) Integration with security software like Okta, Google Authenticator, and Microsoft Active Directory.


Mobile Analytics Features

  1. i) View of the overall dashboard showcasing the leading platforms, carriers, and users’

individual dashboards.

  1. ii) assistant for crucial alerts.

iii) All-apps view

  1. iv) Viewers online.
  2. v) Cohorts and the retention computation.
  3. vi) Analysis of revenue.

vii) crash reporting and analytics with support for symbolization.

profiles of users.

viii) Push Notifications that are interactive and rich.

  1. ix) segmented event tracking that is personalized.


Web Analytics Features

  1. i) Dashboard data is updated in full real-time.
  2. ii) Detailed metrics from a bird’s eye perspective, including views, browsers, entry and exit pages, bounces, and user acquisition sources.

iii) Features of the operating system, device, and browser.

  1. iv) Spending time on pages.
  2. v) Heatmaps that provide a color map and illustrate which areas of the screen are more and least frequently clicked and watched.
  3. vi) reporting of JavaScript crashes.

vii) user profiles that list every person who has visited the dashboard.

viii) tracking of campaigns.

  1. ix) Cohorts.


Device SDK

For mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), online applications, desktop applications (Mac OS X, Windows), Apple Watch, and additional libraries like Cocos2d-x, Unity, and Appcelerator Titanium, client libraries (SDKs) are accessible. View a list of SDKs that Countly and the Countly community officially support.


Advanced Security Features

  1. i) Ageing and password expiration.
  2. ii) Minimum content and password length.

iii) blocking of brute force logins.

  1. iv) Authentication for databases.
  2. v) connection over HTTPS.
  3. vi) Pinning SSL certificates with public keys.

vii) protection from parameter tampering.

viii) additional headers for the HTTP/S response.

  1. ix) additional headers for API responses.



When it is time to make a decision and you don’t have all the information you need, being completely dependent on statistics can also be quite devastating. Product analytics might be fairly one-dimensional, yet they reveal the unvarnished truth of how customers utilize the product or even a specific feature. To create the greatest product possible, you should combine what you think you know about what’s happening from product analytics data with qualitative feedback through consumer interviews, concept testing workshops, and sparring.

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