Business of Women’s Super League (WSL) 2022-23

It is anticipated that the WSL will generate total sponsorship revenue of $14.72 million. The Women’s Super League (WSL) reached a broadcasting rights agreement with Sky and the BBC in 2021. In addition, the Women’s Super League has two more sponsors going into the 2022/23 season than it did last year.

From a league’s point of view, the Business of Women’s Super League provides a comprehensive overview of the commercial landscape. The main properties’ social media positions and ticket sales are also discussed in the report. It provides a concise breakdown of the club-related sponsorship and media deals.

Business of WSL Global Broadcasters Sky, Sky Deutschland, DAZN, ESPN, Star+, Sportsnet, and CBS are WSL’s primary broadcasting partners. In Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, NENT is the primary broadcaster.

Download a free sample of the Business of WSL Team Kit Suppliers report to learn more about the broadcasting partners in the WSL. The WSL’s main kit suppliers include Nike, Adidas, PUMA, Hummel, and Castore. Adidas is the most well-known and most expensive brand in the WSL, and it also pays the most for a single club contract in the league. However, Nike may have an advantage throughout the season in terms of game exposure.

Sponsors’ Contributions to the WSL’s Economy Barclays, EA Sports, and Nike are the WSL’s primary sponsors. The partnership between Barclays and WSL is still the show’s most profitable partnership this season, both in terms of size and value. Barclays has stated in the past that it intends to support the development of women’s soccer from the grassroots level all the way up to the WSL, which aims to be one of the world’s best domestic women’s leagues.

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