Best ways technology is shaping the future of football relays abroad


As the world emerges from lockdown , the sports media industry is contemplating a “new normal” of spectatorless events and limited operations in the coming months.

The suspension of events such as the Olympics has raised concerns about the long-term impact on an industry that was expected to grow from €179 billion in 2018 to €224 billion in 2022 (Wanda Sports Gathering Initial public offering prospectus, 2019). The lockdown has also deprived billions of people around the world of the passionate fans that provide so much inspiration and entertainment.

In response, Infront has developed a white paper reflecting an up-to-date assessment of the current situation. This white paper is intended to provide ideas and engage all stakeholders about the impact it has on the industry.

Our view is that this transition period provides a platform to mitigate losses and provide new revenue streams, especially for “first movers”.

Production trucks and instant replays

“Think of production trucks,” says Zumoff when asked about the biggest technological change he has experienced over his long career. 

“When I first started, there were these big ones. We almost called them bathtubs,” he recalls. “There was a video tape machine with 1 inch video tapes.” To show a replay live during a game, the editor must mark the beginning of the play, rewind it, and press play when instructed by the producer or director. Not only are live trucks no longer prominent at games and events, remote broadcasting is now an option, but editors can clip, edit and broadcast replays all while continuing to record without missing a beat. 

Social Media and Immediate Feedback

Social media provides instant feedback.

“I always like to say I can go on air and hear all the critics right after I’m done,” says Zumoff. 

“You don’t have to wait for a newspaper article or a letter from the editor,” he adds. “The people are on you, and they are on you during the game. We will occasionally respond during commercial breaks or interact for other reasons. 

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