Best Places To Visit in India during Monsoon

Monsoon was earlier known as the season which reverses the wind and is accompanied by changes in Precipitation. But now it is known as the changes in season in atmospheric circulation and the precipitation that is associated with the latitudinal oscillations. The major monsoon systems of the world generally consist of the West African and Asia Australian Mountains. Monsoon is the best part of the season to see the exotic beauties of different places. People usually do not find it safe to travel during the monsoon season because there are heavy rainfalls and risks are associated with it. The fear while traveling during monsoons is a little adventurous as the lush greenery color of the mountains, heavy rainfalls, overflowing lakes, and much more.

There are various places to visit during monsoons, check out some of the Best Places To Visit In India With Friends in Low Budget. These are some of the places that are listed for you to visit during the monsoon season. As discussed above there are risks associated when you plan to go in monsoon season but if you still wish to be adventurous and want to feel the beauty that different places impart during monsoon season. Then you can check out the list and visit the places you like the most as per your desires.

The Best Places to Visit During Monsoons 

1. Shillong, Meghalaya

The best place to visit during the monsoon is Shillong. You will be impressed with the beauty it imparts during this season. It is also referred to as the Scotland of the east. It is one of the top travel destinations in India in this type of season. It is the beauty with misty mountains and the lush greenery around everywhere which gives positivity to your mind. You get refreshed with this type of scene.

2. Goa

It is the major attraction for any time in the year but it is said that it is best to go to Gia in the monsoon season. This is the land of beaches that becomes more gorgeous during the monsoon season. It has never-ending views and other picturesque sceneries which help you make your mood and day positive.

3. Coorg Karnataka

This is again one of the best places to walk through during the monsoon season. It has a dense variety of forests covered with flora and fauna. It is a romantic destination to go through during the monsoon season.

4. Munnar Kerala

This is again the best place to go through during the monsoon season which has lush greeneries and turns out to be the best place to go through as it will offer you great views with silvery mist, vast tea gardens, hills, etc. 

5. Mahabaleshwar

It is a place with greenery and calm surroundings. This view gives you a peaceful mindset when you plan to go to Mahabaleshwar during the monsoon season. It is also said that Pratapgad is a beautiful place to go through when you visit Mahabaleshwar.

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