Bamboo Pillow: How to Take Care of it?

Are you fond of using bamboo pillows?

Are you looking to purchase a Bamboo Pillow?

Then this article will be really helpful to you. We will tell you the aspects associated with the washing and caring of the bamboo pillow. Once you receive your bamboo pillow, take care of the following things –

  1. Unpack your pillow products by removing the packaging with care. Do not use sharp objects to prevent puncturing. This is especially the case for our bamboo pillows.

  1. If you remove your bamboo pillow or it becomes misshapen, give it time for one to two days before using it again.

  1. When you are ready to use your bamboo bedding, let them air out for at least a day. This helps to eliminate package and foam odors. Bamboo is naturally breathable, so unpleasant smells will disperse during this process. For fast results, hang your pillow out of or near an open window.

  1. Don’t be afraid if the pillow takes some time to break in. The bamboo pillows are made of Memory Foam, so they should mold to your head shape after time.

Bamboo Pillow
Bamboo Pillow

Here is how you should wash and clean a Bamboo Pillow 

  1. Always ensure that you separate light and dark colors properly.

  1. Our bamboo memory foam pillows have a removable cover. You can wash the cover according to its instructions or hang it until dry.

  1. Before laundry, you can use zip-close bamboo pillowcases, bed sheets, duvets, and coverlets. For delicate pieces, use a laundry net bag to prevent stretching them out.

  1. Don’t use bleach or fabric conditioner on bamboo clothing. Chemicals can damage the fibers of the product and lessen its moisture-wicking properties.
  2. We make our bamboo products with a variety of fabrics, like cotton. Please refer to the care tag for specific instructions.

  1. Dry your bamboo products while hanging them on a drying line or if not possible, dry them on low heat or a mild setting for a shorter time. Keep your bamboo products out of the dryer as long as possible. Once done, remove the products promptly.

  1. Iron bamboo clothes, bedsheets, or pillowcases gently. Bamboo memory foam pillows are durable; however, excessive heat can cause damage to the fibers.

  1. Keep your pillow out of direct sunlight. Sunlight will fade the color of your pillow. If you need to expose your pillow to sunlight, use sunscreen.

  1. Do not use any detergents, oils, or lotions. These products can cause your bamboo to discolor or mold.

Here is how you store Bamboo Pillows 

  1. Be careful where you store your bamboo fibers, as it could damage them and ruin their lifespan.

  1. Store bamboo memory foam pillows away from radiators, water heaters, or other sources of heat. Science says it’s best to avoid adding excess heat to your home.

  1. Make sure you never store your comforters or pillows in plastic bags, as it can cause them to become wet.

  1. Bamboo Pillows should be kept in a dry place with cool temperatures. That will help them to last longer.



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