AME Admission in One of the Top Government Institutes in India

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering admission in one of the top government institutes in India will be based on the caliber of the candidate. Before undergoing the AME admission, let us first explore the AME course in detail. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is one of the unique branches of engineering that is related to inspecting, servicing, carrying out minor repairs, major repairs, and overhauling civil aircraft. The responsibility of verifying the airworthiness of the aircraft before every flight is in the hands of the AME.

The AME license is valid internationally in all EASA signatory countries. AME plays an important role in the aviation sector worldwide when we talk about the safety of aircraft and their passengers. AMEs are one of the most highly paid professions in the aviation sector.

What are the AME Admission Eligibility Criteria that must be met?

The AME admission eligibility criteria to be satisfied before undergoing the admission process are:

  • Students must be appearing or have passed the 12th with PCM from a recognised board.
  • Students with Diplomas in Mechanical, Electrical, and Aeronautical Engineering are also eligible.
  • B Tech in any stream is allowed to pursue this course.
  • Students must not have color blindness.
  • The student should qualify for the AME CEE to be part of one of the top AME institutes in India and avail of upto 100% scholarship.


How to Get AME Admission in One of India’s Best DGCA Approved Institutes?

To get AME admission to one of the best DGCA approved institutes in India, students should follow the below steps:

  • The candidate must fulfil the AME admission eligibility to be admitted.
  • The candidate should apply for the AME CEE application form at
  • After qualifying for the examination, candidates have to attend their AME CEE admission counselling to get admission to one of the premier institutes with upto 100% scholarship based on the AIR.



What Knowledge Do You Grab in Theoretical and Practical Sessions after AME Admission?

The knowledge you acquire in theoretical and practical sessions after aircraft maintenance engineering admission will completely depend upon the AME license chosen by the candidate. Aircraft are made up of numerous high technology tiny and big components such as engines, avionics systems, fuselage, landing gear, wings, etc. With time and use, these components may tear down, which requires regular inspections of the parts. AMEs are trained to inspect, maintain, repair, and troubleshoot the difficulties of the aircraft as per the license they are certified for, which are as follows:

B1: The license under B1 Category allows candidates to carry out their responsibilities on the mechanical parts, which are further classified on the basis of the engine used on the aircraft:

  • 1: The B 1.1 license holder performs their duties on the aircraft using the jet engine(s).
  • 2: The B1.2 licensed will perform their duties on the aircraft using the piston engine(s).
  • 3: The B1.3 license holder will operate the helicopter with the jet engine(s).
  • 4: The person with the B1.4 license is in charge of the helicopter’s piston engine(s).

B2: The person carrying a B2 license will maintain, inspect, rectify, and solve the issues with the electrical, instrumental, radar, and navigation systems of the aircraft.  

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