All About Air Breathing Filter

An air breather clears out is applied as a safety gadget that supplies smooth air to the blasting hood for the operator’s safety in the course of the sandblasting process. It allows in disposing of oil, water vapors, and dust particles extra than 0.5 microns from the breathing Air filter unit manufactures in UAE. Air breather assures the operator’s safety in order that they could not be uncovered to something this is potentially dangerous to them. Air breathers generally is going together with a Sand Blasting system safety fit, safety helmet, and gloves. Air breather filter offers exceptional deep breathing air to operators. The characteristics of incredible deep breathing air are that it must be unfastened from oil or dirt debris to a positive extent. Also, it should have a minimal amount of water vapor and carbon monoxide. Air breathers filter out elements of air free from water and contaminants to a single operator as well as to many operators additionally. There are some methods by way of which you can make certain protection at the same time as using an air breather. Along with: 


  • Properly reveal and dispose of air supply to a respirator.

  • Use a compressor that doesn’t depend upon oil for its functioning because of this it ought to be free of contaminants in the sandblasting gadget airline as well as won’t expose operators to carbon mono-oxide. 


Carbon mono-oxide is an odorless and tasteless fuel. Its appearance with the operator may also reason consciousness and dangerous consequences on one’s body. 

Functions of Air breather filter

  •  Compact in size 

  •  Air regulator to regulate proper airflow

  •  Drain valve to dispose of moisture and oil 

  •  manage to carry anywhere 

Major parts of Air Breather clear out

  • Inlet coupling: inlet coupling is hooked up with the compressor through which compressed air enters inside the air breather. 

  • Filtering cartridge: the clear-out cartridge enables in lowering of all of the oil, dirt particles, or contaminants from the compressed air earlier than it reaches the operators. the filter-out cartridge consists of the activated carbon or activated charcoals and glass wool which absorb all pollution from the air so that only pure and cleaned air can be permitted to glide and reach the operators. at the pinnacle of the filter-out cartridge, a net is placed in the order that filtered air may also input interior it. it’s miles very necessary to replace filter cartridges on occasion otherwise, operators can be uncovered to the smell and flavor of contaminants. also, the excessive-stress loss inside the device with a compressor may additionally arise.

  • Air regulator: air regulator helps in regulating the airflow in the air breather.

  • Drain valve: drain valve is largely utilized to do away with moisture and oil, via which the life of the clear-out can be improved. while the filter out is in a humid climate, or there’s plenty of moisture or oil enters with the compressed air, it will become important to drain the filter reservoir.

  • clear out foot: the whole air breather body is set up at the filter foot. it contains the burden of the whole device.

  • Clear out body: the filter body consists of all the elements of the air breather in itself.

  • filter cap: the filter-out cap is established at the pinnacle of the air breather. at the filter cap, outlet coupling is mounted and management is also installed over it. 

  • O-ring, rubber: o-ring is used so that no leakage of compressed air can also take area. it prevents air leakage and pressure loss also. 

  • Take care of: cope with makes it convenient to carry the air breather at any region. 


Running of Sandblasting Air breather filter out

Sandblasting Air Breather filter works at the same precept on which every other air filter works. While compressed air from the air compressor enters via inlet coupling, it carries some moisture with it that is removed by way of the vortex movement of air inside the filter case. The clear-out cartridge consists of glass wool which enables in reducing the dust debris. In conjunction with it, activated charcoal and carbon facilitate soaking up oil or moisture and removing odors that are harmful to operators. Alternatively, glass wool removes more contaminants, after which clean air is passed thru the opening coupling to the operators. All of the required activated carbon or charcoal and glass wool are stored in an anti-corrosion case. Air breathers can also supply this smooth air to at least one or a couple of operators at a single time. In an air breather, the air breather clear-out pipe is connected from the compressor with the filter-out intake. The airline of the air breather clear-out hose is attached with the clear-out outlet pipe. The clear-out should now not be related to the compressor outlet reservoir immediately or close to it. These types of connections ought to be tightened nicely, in order that no leakage and strain loss may additionally take area.


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