Aircraft Maintenance Engineering AME Scope in the Aviation Sector

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) scope in the aviation sector is eye-catching as no aircraft can take off without approval from AME. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is the perfect course for those candidates who are fascinated with aircraft. It is the international license based programme that deals with the maintenance, repair, inspection, troubleshooting, and testing of the aircraft. 12th with PCM students can apply for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Exam (AME CEE) from to get admission into one of the top AME institutes with up to 100% scholarship. This license holder has Aircraft Maintenance Engineering scope in private and government organizations worldwide in the following sectors:

  • National and International Airlines
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Organizations
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies
  • Civil Defence Forces
  • Flying Clubs
  • Aircraft Operational Organizations
  • Aviation Training Institutes

Many more…


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Scope in the Aviation Sector in India

The Indian aviation sector has been growing in the perfect scenario, which led to the great AME scope in India. To increase air connectivity in India, new airports are going to be constructed, which will lead to a rise in the number of aircraft. For every aircraft, it is compulsory to take approval from the licensed AME.

The few top organizations where AME scope in the aviation sector in India is mesmerizing:

  • Air India
  • IndiGo
  • SpiceJet
  • GoAir
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
  • GE Aviation
  • Air Asia
  • Air India Engineering Services Ltd, Air Works India (Engineering) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Deccan Charters Limited
  • Indamer Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
  • Max MRO Pvt Ltd
  • Taj Air
  • Bird ExecuJet
  • GMR Aero Technic Ltd
  • Air Works India (Engineering) Private Limited
  • Arrow Aviation Services Private Limited
  • Blue Dart Aviation Limited
  • Cochin International Aviation Services
  • Deccan Aviation
  • Eaton Aerospace

Many more…

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Scope in the Aviation Sector Worldwide

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering scope in the aviation sector worldwide is fantasy. As per the news circulating in various sources, the world is facing a skill shortage for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. The AME license holder can build a bright career worldwide in the following organizations:

  • Qatar Airways
  • British Airways
  • Swiss
  • Virgin Altantic
  • Eva Air
  • Etihad Airways
  • Qantas
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Lufthansa Airlines
  • Boeing
  • Airbus
  • Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering
  • ST Aerospace
  • Lufthansa Technik
  • Air France Industries and KLM Engineering & Maintenance
  • AAR
  • SIA Engineering
  • Delta TechOps
  • SR Technics
  • Turkish Technic

Many more…

What are the Abilities Required to Have Great Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Scope in the Aviation Sector?

The extra abilities are required to have amazing AME Scope in the aviation sector. Extra skills will add the cherry on the cake, which results in a dreamy Aircraft Maintenance Engineering scope in the aviation sector. The extra skills required are as follows:

  • Good Mathematical Skills
  • Patience
  • Quick Learner
  • Innovative and Creative
  • Great Communication skills
  • Problem-Solving Abilities
  • Rapid and Right Decision Maker
  • Perform Under Unfavorable Situation and Time
  • Technical Expertise
  • Strong Analytical Skills
  • Knowledge of Core Subjects
  • Team Work
  • Leadership Quality
  • Passion
  • Fascinated with Aircraft

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