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Bad Suns, the famous alternative genre of a music band, has always been known as the popular ones. The band recently came across their official social media account and released their new album “apocalypse whenever.” The out brings of the album dates has made a lot of excitement among fans. Similarly, following the date of the album, the band announces their tour dates, which will be held just after the album’s release – in commemoration of their album “apocalypse whenever.” ” The tour announcement creates a great sensation among fans- who get crazy and post on their social media profiles hence adding to the increased popularity.

When Will The “Apocalypse Whenever” Tour 2022 Be Kicked Off?
The tour will start from 29th of January 2022 CA and last until 7th of November 2022 San Diego. Thus, the tour will be composed of about nine months.

What Are The Set Listed Tracks Expected To Be Played In “Bad Suns Apocalypse Whenever” Tour 2022?
Various songs are expected to be played well; some have many expectations: Well, the band will mainly play the 13 soundtracks of their album apocalypse whenever.

When Will The Album “Apocalypse Whenever” Be Released?
The album will be released on the 28th of January 2022 and is expected to get a lot of positive responses.

Well, tickets for the tour indeed have of great importance. Without the tickets, you will not get the entry; hence here we have the slightest details.

How To Get The Tickets For Band Sun’s “Apocalypse Whenever” Tour 2022?
Various websites are dealing with it with reliability and affordability. These sites include: and and offer the customers amazing discounted offers + excellent service.

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Thus, the bad sun’s “apocalypse whenever” tour in 2022 is of great importance. Within this tour, the band will go across the whole US and will celebrate its new album. For more details, visit their official website


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