7 signs he is pretending not to like you




Do you think your man is sending unclear signals? Are you not confident about his feelings for you? A guy informs you he doesn’t like you or behaves like both are just friends? but somewhere inside do you feel like you’re seeing clever signs he’s only pretending not to like you when he really does?

Possibly you and this guy have been and thought you liked him he is not given back what you want. but you feel some appeal between you and those feelings aren’t just invented if you see the signs he is pretending not to like you then he doubtless thinks for you and doesn’t want to clean.


Why do peoples hold back even if they like a girl?


Let’s be honest sometimes people can be strange! They want to tell you how they detect but there is something stopping them from performing. He’s horror-stricken that you’re going to knock him back and that will hurt his pride in a big way. By choice, he pretends you’re nothing special to him and wish it will all go away.


  • He takes a lot of time with you 

No one will waste their time on someone they don’t like your friends have consumed time with you because they like you for who you are.


  • In a relationship? 

Most people befog your friendship for a relationship. When you’re around each other there’s a level of comfort you share that doesn’t exist with you another male friend.

  • He storms hot and cold

If he acts too nice or shows too much of himself he suddenly switches and becomes very cool and introverted this hot and cool behavior may show that he’s into you but it also shows he is not confident about what he wants.

  • He gets to know you 

If a person doesn’t like you he’s not going to waste his time.

  • All about eye contact 

We always engaging in someone’s words when really we should pay attention to their activities. When you’re together with each other friends or at a party. If you’re looking for signs he pretending not to like you and is making regular eye contact think about that as a sign he is really interested in you 

  • Jealous

Everyone gets jealous it’s very hard to control if not you’re really focusing on it and even then it’s easy to pop a jealous person.

Like he sees a person flirting with you or asking you out and you can’t help but see his body language and attitude change 


Ask yourself why? If there are signs he is pretending not to like you


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