7 Features To Look for in Ticket Management System

A ticketing system is a customer service tool that manages incoming customer requests. Ticketing systems categorize tickets based on their priority. A support ticket management system is useful for small startups and giant companies. Your customer service compromises when you don’t have a tool that resonates with your workflow. 

Finding the right ticketing tool for your business can be a difficult task. You need a tool that fulfills your business requirements. Here we will discuss some important ticketing system features that business owners with a huge customer base should consider.

Ticket Automation

Ticket automation helps in assigning tickets automatically to the appropriate team. This feature can save a lot of time and effort for your support team. The due date for ticket resolution helps in having a clear idea about when tickets will be resolved. It notifies the team about the important issues that need to be resolved as soon as possible. Some ticketing systems also provide automated escalation processes to resolve urgent issues faster.

Omnichannel Support

Businesses like to have multiple channels for user convenience. Having tickets coming from multiple channels like calls, email, SMS, social media can be a little difficult to manage. The omnichannel feature lets you manage tickets from various channels on a single unified platform. So, no need to keep switching from one tab to another. If customers change channels, their data will remain intact. This saves executives and customers from starting all over again. Thus, reducing the redundancy of data.

Self Service Portal 

Having a knowledge base is a good addition to your ticketing system. The knowledge base comprises user guides, product manuals, and FAQs. This lets your customers get answers to some common queries themselves. You can have FAQs built-in chatbots. This reduces the flow of queries up to great extent. An extra benefit to this portal is website traffic. Companies that offer self-service portals have seen a rise in website traffic by 47%.  

View Ticket Status

Customers get anxious when they don’t know what happened to the problem they raised. So, a feature where customers can see the status of their tickets will give them assurance. Support department teams should also be able to see status so that they can share the workload.

Support Multiple Languages

Why have support only in one language when you can have multilingual support? Customers appreciate companies that take one extra step for building strong customer relationships. So, having support in multiple languages based on your customer origin country will help you serve better. Stats say that 65% of people prefer content in their language. Offer this feature to stand out in this competitive world.

Detailed Analysis

To check data and support performance, it is important to have detailed analyses and reports. Having data in chart and graph form helps you understand better. You can only improve when you know stats. With an analyzing tool, you can improve resolution time in each stage of the ticket lifecycle. You can also analyze your executives’ performance.   


You can have the user interface of a ticketing tool built like that of your website and not something that feels imposed. Having a UI that goes with your workflow is important. So, it is important to customize it as per your business needs. Customization also allows you to personalize your data based on roles and preferences. You can have categories and fields based on your business needs. You can also have tags that will allow you to organize tickets around specific keywords.


The right ticketing tool will help your support team to deliver the best results. It will help you achieve successful support flow. Also, having a feature-rich tool will increase the productivity of your support team. The ticketing system you choose will have a great impact on your relationship with customers. Consider the right ticket management system features while finding a ticketing tool for your business. We hope this article helps you create a wonderful experience for your customers.

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