6 Things To Consider In Bowling Shirt Designs

Go to any bowling alley across the country or even around the world on regular league nights and there’s one thing that’s sure to stand out from all else. That thing? The bowling shirt.

Created to help differentiate one team from another, the bowling shirt does along with this sport as much, and sometimes even more, than the balls, shoes and even the lanes themselves. The importance of a great bowling shirt design should not be discounted.

Coming up with the perfect shirt and the perfect design for a new team or even an older one that wants a more updated look can take some time and study. The effort should include a little bit of fun and maybe some whimsy, too.

The things to consider when setting bowling shirt design styles include:

Pricing: Some custom designed shirts can get rather expensive. Before deciding upon a $75 jersey with a custom design fee that will be tacked on, consider what team members now, and perhaps in the future, can afford. There are some great options on the more affordable market.

Materials: The standard, retro bowling shirt of days gone by was made out of polyester. Offering a full collar and often a button-up design, these shirts remain en vogue today, as well. Still, some teams prefer cotton shirts that provide for better breathing or even special jerseys. Plain old T-shirts of 100 percent cotton often work well, too.

Colors: Every team should have its set colors. Before picking ones for your shirts, try and find out what other teams on the same league have used. If at all possible, come up with a different combination to help your team and its shirts stand out a little from the crowd.

Logo: This doesn’t have to be terribly fancy, but it can be a fun addition. Consider the team’s name, obviously, being in the design with something bowling related. Or, just go with a neat design for the team name. Pay attention to how many colors are used in the logo. The more colors, the more expensive the end design will be in all likelihood.

Style: This goes beyond the cut and material of the shirts. The style might be the background material coloring. Some teams really enjoy bold, bright, colorful patterns. No one says a great bowling shirt can’t be a whimsical paisley or Hawaiian design with the team’s logo on it.

Reprint ability: If team members will be come in and out or new shirts might be needed, make sure the design set is one that can be remade when it is needed. If it’s a special design, keep the art work or ask the shirt printer to do so.

A great bowling shirt design can help a team really feel like a team. This bowling league tradition is one that can be a lot of fun for those who get into creating the official design, but remember there are some major decisions that will need to be made along the way. From the price down to the colors and logo design, pay attention to details to obtain the best possible shirts to make team pride really stand out.

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